August 07, 2020
Horses For Hope

We Are Open Again - Session Health Safety Guidelines

Requirements for keeping everyone safe from infection transfer Instructions for attending sessions under stage 3 restrictions. People who consider it essential for their mental health wellbeing are able to attend Horses For Hope, provided they comply with our…
July 13, 2020
Horses For Hope

Frequently Asked Questions About Horses For Hope

Frequently asked questions about Horses For Hope Our therapy does not involve just going into a paddock and letting a horse become your soulmate. Over 15 years we have developed a unique methodology which is specifically designed to engage people who find…

Back In Business - Session Health Safety Guidelines

May 25, 2020 733
It is now possible for people to attend face to face sessions for the purpose of mental…

Coronavirus Readiness

Mar 16, 2020 687
Horses For Hope take seriously our responsibilities for our clients and staff during the…

Where Horses For Hope Started - Thoughts From 2005

Mar 11, 2020 2120

Tobin Foundation Donates Funds To Horses For Hope

Feb 18, 2020 925
On Tuesday 18th of February the 2019 Tobin Brothers Foundation Awards were held at the…

Major Funding Boost From Collie Foundation

Dec 24, 2019 1400
Collie Foundation
Horses For Hope has received a major funding boost from the Collie Foundation whose…

CCI Giving Supports Horses For Hope

Dec 20, 2019 1324
CCI Giving Logo
CCI Giving has provided a $5,000 grant to Horses For Hope which allows us to fund a…

Horses For Hope Gift Cards

Dec 14, 2019 1333
Gift Cards
Horses For Hope has a pack of 5 Gift Cards which you will receive upon making a donation…

Positive Outcome From Our Demonstration Day

Dec 04, 2019 1464
More than 50 people enjoyed the superb weather and pleasant surroundings to attend Horses…

Tobin Foundation Supports Sessions Fund

Dec 03, 2019 1122
Tobin Brothers Foundation, the charitable arm of funeral directors Tobin Brothers has…

Horses For Hope And NDIS

Nov 14, 2019 4262
An increasing number of clients are discovering that they can use our unique equine…