An amazing thing has happened here in the last week.

One of the biggest steps for our horses that join the program is allowing us to catch them in the paddock for the very first time.

It’s an extremely heart- warming thing to witness and be a part of. The very first paddock catch.

Rain has been here a while now and she has come a long way. However even though she was showing some amazing signs that she was starting to trust even a tiny bit…… she always stays away when we go to catch her. Keeping close but unreachable.

Most horses here go through stages. The first stage is “OMG RUN AWAY; people are bad!”

Now it depends on the horse how long this stage lasts - for Rain it was months. Then they reach the “ok Im still so very scared but kinda curious so I will stand here” stage.

We are excited to say Rain has finally reached stage 2. And actually allowed us to catch her out in the paddock! Better yet – she walked up and allowed herself to be caught.

It fills us with excitement and hope for her future.

Now she has begun to trust us we will be able to work with her more with participants to conquer their demons together.

Never underestimate the power of trust.

August 09, 2019
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Why I Love Seeing Red

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August 01, 2019
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We plan to achieve the objectives of the organisation by working within the frameworks of our beliefs and values.5.1 We believe:(a) Communities have responsibilities to ensure all its members, children, young people, adults and families are safe, thriving and…

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