Horses For Hope LogoThe principal purpose for which the company is established is for the charitable purpose of relieving sickness, suffering or disability in people, including assisting victims of abuse or trauma, or suffering from developmental or mental health issues, by, without limitation. 

  • Running the Horses for Hope Equine assisted Narrative Therapy program, being an equine-assisted therapy program which provides therapy to persons suffering mental or physical sickness or disability;
  • Assisting persons suffering mental or physical sickness or disability with developing life skills and empowering them through counselling;
  • Providing a safe, honest, trusting, respectful and patient environment to nurture both humans and horses;
  • Advocate for change for children and families of the program who are facing injustice;
  • Providing training, education and consulting to the Australian on those suffering from abuse, trauma, developmental issues or mental health issues;
  • Sharing knowledge and information on equine-assisted therapy;
  • Providing mutual therapy to horses which have experienced trouble and distress;
  • Fundraising to support the above objectives; and
  • Undertaking and pursuing all other such similar, related or compatible objects or activities incidental to the principle purpose as may from time to time be considered appropriate by the company.

These charitable purposes are set out in the constitution of Horses for Hope Limited.