Horses For Hope LogoWe plan to achieve the objectives of the organisation by working within the frameworks of our beliefs and values.

5.1    We believe:
(a)    Communities have responsibilities to ensure all its members, children, young people, adults and families are safe, thriving and hopeful;
(b)    In innovation and creativity in service development and operation, informed by practice wisdom, research and sound theoretical and practice frameworks;
(c)    That people are the experts of their own lives;
(d)    That all animals should be safe and have the opportunity to thrive; and
(e)    In the value of bringing horses and people into interaction with each other in particular ways for the therapeutic benefit of both. As exampled by the Horses For Hope Equine Assisted Narrative Therapy program.

5.2    Respect:
(a)    We consult with, listen to, and work alongside children, young people, adults and families and our actions will be informed by their views and needs;
(b)    We provide an environment where honesty, trust, respect, congruence and patience are ever present;
(c)    We open our hearts to all people without exception;
(d)    We are open to listening to each other’s point of view;
(e)    We acknowledge the importance of each person’s heritage, traditions, identity, needs and aspirations; and
(f)    We make our learnings available to others;

5.3    Compassionate:
(a)    We are nurturing, generous and thoughtful in our words and deeds; and
(b)    We provide an environment that is safe for people and horses to learn and be challenged.

5.4     Courage:
(a)    To be the best we can be;
(b)    To never give up and maintain hope;
(c)    To believe that change is possible;
(d)    To be prepared to question and challenge ourselves, and others, about the way things are done; and
(e)    To advocate for change when the children and families with whom we work are not getting a ‘fair go’.

5.5    Working Together:
(a)    We expect that friendliness, support, humour and care are visible as we go about our work; and
(b)    We work with our service users, each other and our colleagues to share knowledge, ideas, resources and skills.

5.6    Accountability:
(a)    We are responsible for our own actions;
(b)    We are prepared and able to explain why we do things;
(c)    We ask people what they think about what we do;
(d)    We ensure that all our resources and assets are used in the best possible way; and
(e)    We recognise our responsibilities in our neighbourhoods and communities.