Horses For Hope take seriously our responsibilities for our clients and staff during the current health emergency.

Session participants and those helping them should be aware that we are taking the following steps before and after each session.

  • All surfaces likely to be touched by visitors or staff to be wiped down with steriliser.
  • All equipment used eg helmets, safety vests, boots and leads to be cleaned after each session.
  • All visitors are to wash their hands upon arrival.
  • Staff to wash hands before and after each session.
  • To the extent possible considering safety, staff will touch participants as little as possible while directing them in horse engagement during sessions.

To the best of our knowledge coronavirus cannot be transmitted to humans by horses, nor can horses catch coronavirus from humans.

If potential visitors have any symptoms of coronavirus or flu like symptoms in the interests of the health of our staff or their own, we respectfully ask that we be informed before you attend Horses For Hope. Most likely we will request that you put off your appointment to a later time when you have a clean bill of health.