Historically Horses For Hope has recorded participant outcomes using a paper based system which has produced outstanding results.

For instance :

  • An increase from 8% of participants taking responsibility for their choices to 61%.
  • An improvement from 53% of participants never or not often enjoying being with family to almost 70% enjoying being with family.
  • A reduction from 85% of participants never or not often being happy with their ability to deal with problems to 7%.
  • Over two thirds of participants never or not often being able to adapt to change reduced to 15%.
  • A reduction from 77% of participants often or almost always getting angry to 15%.
  • A dramatic improvement from over 84% of participants who could not often tell they were getting angry, nor knew how to calm down to over 69% now often being able to.

The outcomes produced for participants produced a profound change in attitude which we also measured.

After extensive research we have now adopted the web based session recording system designed by Myoutcomes - a Canadian company which has been developing a web based service for nearly 20 years.

The MyOutcomes system records two main factors :

  • Outcome Ratings - these are recorded at the start of every participant session and measure how they assess their overall state of mind at that time.
  • Session Ratings - these are recorded after every session and measure how satisfied or otherwise the participant was with each session.

Using an objective numerical scale the participant and their Horses For Hope therapist can see what progress they are making as their scheduled sessions progress.

A mobile app allows the participant to measure their progress at any time.

Outcome Rating Scale

Using four visual analog scales, the ORS is an ultra-brief outcome measure that enables clients to provide feedback on their perceptions of their progress in achieving their therapeutic goals. Specifically, the four scales allow the client to provide a quantifiable measure of how they are functioning on a personal level, in their interpersonal relationships e.g., friends and family, their general social interactions, as well as a more global measure of their overall functioning to capture any critical areas not directly measured on the other scales. MyOutcomes automatically plots each session’s ORS on a continuous graph so that the therapist can determine if the trajectory of change is on course.

Session Rating Scale

MyOutcomes SRS is a four-item scale that enables the therapist to get a quantitative measure of the client’s assessment of the therapist-client relationship. Specifically, the SRS asks the client to use a sliding scale to assess their relationship with the therapist, whether the goals and topics cover what the client feels they need, how well the therapist’s approach fits the client’s needs, and an overall general assessment of the most recent session. Based upon the composite score of these measures, the therapist can determine whether the alliance is threatened. If so, the therapist is able to devote time to explore issues that will strengthen the relationship e.g. shifting goals, changing approach, etc.