Horses For Hope has been successful in its application to Greater Shepparton Council for a Community Matching Grant for $5,000.

Matched with a similar amount from Horses For Hope the grant will finance the addition of live video recording of client sessions with the video available for future review by the participant and our own staff.

We intend to improve our client information systems in order to be able to better deliver our therapy particularly when affected by events such as COVID lockdowns.

Accordingly we intend to implement a threefold strategy - Session Video Recording (Zoom), Client Management Software (Better Clinics) and Electronic Filing System (Office 365/Sharepoint).

Session Video Recording (Zoom)

To date we have assisted participants by providing photos of their horse work and where necessary support phone calls between sessions. We believe we can better support participants between sessions by providing a video of their achievements with the horse and reinforcement messaging related to their session. Our counsellors and horse handlers will also be able to review and improve
their skills by studying the videos.

We believe that the corporate version of Zoom is suitable for live recording of sessions as we can archive Zoom sessions against each specific client so that only we and they can review the video. The database thus created will become a part of our client information system and will be combined with statistical results being collected by our MyOutcomes system. This will form the nucleus of future research into our methodology to be used by internal and external researchers.

During COVID shut downs and restrictions we adapted quickly for our clients by offering phone and remote Zoom sessions, both of which can be valuable but are limited due to our inability to incorporate horse interaction. We expect that these situations are going to be part of the future and we want to provide participants in the program with the best options in improving their mental health and life skills.

Client Management Software (Better Clinics)

This software package will enable us to integrate Zoom recordings with other information recorded for each client in a secure Cloud based system. Apart from normal client details which are currently recorded in paper based files, data from our MyOutcomes client session outcomes system can also be incorporated. Staff working from home during COVID lockdowns will have therefore secure remote access to client records.

Electronic Filing System (Office 365/Sharepoint)

This system will allow existing paper based records to be converted to electronic versions which can also be Cloud accessed. Integration of existing records with the new data will therefore be accomplished.