Horses For Hope has been successful in its application to Greater Shepparton Council for a Community Matching Grant for $4,500.

Matched with a similar amount from Horses For Hope the grant proceeds allow us to purchase necessary equipment to improve the service we offer to our participants.

Firstly it helps us to upgrade our safety equipment which is essential to ensure that participants do not suffer injury in their interactions with our therapy horses. Safety helmets, body vests and steel capped boots are provided to each participant for their protection. Our existing equipment is approaching its expiry date for continued safe usage and needs to be replaced.

Secondly we will be able to add a laptop computer and two iPads which enables us to commence using the MyOutcomes system to record the progress of our participants as they undertake therapy sessions. MyOutcomes allows both Horses For Hope and our participants to see how they are responding on a session by session basis compared to their starting position. We believe that it will prove to be an important part of our client records system as we develop existing and new services.