Bought from the horse sales along with her foal, Breeze was a horse no one could get near, afraid of the world and with a terrible scar on her face she came to join our program many years ago.

After time and a lot of effort from staff and clients alike, Breeze slowly started getting though her past trauma and started seeing the world in a different light.

Fast forward 5 years and you would not recognise her.


She is the matriarch of our herd, guiding the newer horses into their new lives.

Breeze is now easy to catch, handle, and love.

She loves nothing more than giving the people she is with cuddles and helping them with their horses for hope journey … whether they be horse or human she leads the way.

Breeze has been learning to pull a cart for a while now and does so quite eagerly.

From a traumatised horse whose only other future was death to an amazing cart horse, Breeze is a brilliant example of what our program is all about - people and horses working together to get past their trauma and anxiety and leading the way to having a great future.