Junior is our largest horse, but the scaredy cat of the herd.

He was bred to be a racehorse but he is a very sensitive soul and didn’t even make the training stage.

Because of that he found his way to the Echuca horse sales and his future was bleak, soon to be bought by the abattoirs to be processed into dog food.

But he was one of the lucky ones to be rescued by White Angels Horse Rescue who asked Horses for Hope to take him in and hopefully help him get past his previous trauma and fear of people.


When Junior first came to the program he was scared of everything, all new things were hard for him, even being touched or groomed was difficult.

Nowadays if you have his trust, he is a big cuddly friend who leans on people for support and just wants to please.

Junior still has his fears, anything new and quick does sometimes frighten him, but life is a lot better for him now he has a lot more confidence in himself and the world around him.

Junior works with people of all ages, children, adolescents and adults, those who come into the program often feel like Junior does, anxious and troubled by the own life difficulties and trauma.

Confronting challenges together he connects well with people.

Junior has come a long way and is progressing well, although he has some way to go…. we are hopeful one day he should become a great riding horse.