One of the many horses who unfortunately ends up at the horse sales as a terrified unhandled traumatised horse, Phoenix was purchased by the abattoirs along with his brother and mother…. off they went in the truck of no return.

By some miracle the staff at the abattoirs saw something in him enough to try and find him a home instead of processing him.

The days went by and no one wanted him so his future was getting bleaker every hour.


Out of time after a busy day at the abattoirs Phoenix had a lifeline thrown to him when a lady finally managed to get the money raised to purchase him.

From Gippsland, she hadn’t met Phoenix but fell in love with his picture and she knew he needed her urgently.

Finding a place to hold him until she could pick him up Phoenix was sent to a breaker who unfortunately let them both down.

Phoenix being such a scared traumatised horse, the experience reinforce to him that the world is a horrible place and humans are something to be afraid of.

After an horrific accident while at the breakers Phoenix cut his leg deeply and due to his past trauma no one could go near him to treat the injury.

When recovered enough to go home he was left out in the paddock for his leg to heal itself.

Two years on and Phoenix was still so afraid of the world, flinching at any sign of being touched, running away when people got near but still so longing to be loved.

Finally, his owner contacted Horse for Hope and asked if we could help.

After multiple attempts and a lot of effort he was finally on the float on the long 9-hour journey to join our program and to start his new life.

Once here it was obvious how traumatised and anxious he really was, slow and steady was the pace with Phoenix and after a while he started to realise he was safe, allowing more and more touch on his body.

Now exactly 1 year on… you wouldn’t believe how far he has come.

He can now work with most clients as he has so much to give and an amazing kind soul.

Still cautious of people but also quite playful and cheeky.

Phoenix is taking everything in his stride now, he even managed to cope with the farrier doing his feet for the very first time.

He has so much hope now and seeks out comfort and love.

His world has changed so much this year and he’s an amazing horse for our program with lots to give to the people who attend our program.